3A 3 Apparently, once you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. I call bullshit. I pity the naivety of the fool who is incapable of realising (italics) that there is no limit to how bad things could get. I resent the implication that I was ever at rock bottom. I wasn’t defeated.Continue reading “ROCK BOTTOM”

Wealthy Woman

2D Once upon a time I believed wealth equated to lots of money. In these few days approaching Josinta and Jada’s 7th birthday, and my 32nd birthday (we all know Facebook doesn’t lie 😂) I’m satisfied that I know better. The tough lessons, the blatant undeserved prizes, the gifts wrapped in obscurity, and the terrifyingContinue reading “Wealthy Woman”

Vodka Steps Up

2c I’m unsure whether to laugh or cry at the absurdity of the situation. The situation being my current physical location, in my current emotional state, for want of a better word. I’ve been crying, and again teetering on the brink of another flood of tears. I’m tired, in the mind and body, but mostContinue reading “Vodka Steps Up”

The Widening Chasm

Section 2B Five months after separating from my husband of 12 years I had a drunken moment of true remorse for the pain of caused him. I admitted I had strayed. I swore it was a one off occurrence, but I hadn’t been faithful since 2013. He was right when he’d said he was stillContinue reading “The Widening Chasm”


I never know my exact thoughts until I’ve written it down. Written the shit out of it. The clarity descends as I ride the desperate need for exact representation. Then, and only then can the room full of Doubts be silenced. Blessed serenity. Thank you for reading the stories of my life. Knowing my voiceContinue reading “BULLETPROOF. AS. FUCK”


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