My humbly beautiful, sweet, Indi, with her vast emotional intelligence and incredible mind. I consider her as the most dependable and trusted person in my life. My equal in so many ways, even at 12, but surpassing me entirely in her gifts.

My gorgeous, sparkly Kiara. My shining star who brings light and laughter to whoever is lucky enough to be in her presence, effortlessly and devoid of ulterior motive. We are bonded in our extroversion, and have a wordless connection at times with our sense of fun and frivolity. Her joy is infectious, and her academic and creative abilities have no boundaries.

Josinta, my most sensitive and stubborn, cheeky and energetic, with the most striking, biggest, blackest eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s blessed with athletic and physical abilities well beyond her sisters, taking after Peter in nearly everything except her looks, and the fact that she is fascinated by boys, and loves their attention. She tries so hard to maintain a tough exterior, rarely giving in to tears, but the way her beautiful big eyes well up with tears when she can’t verbally express her hurt or sadness reflects her empathic and sensitive nature.

And my Jadafu…

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