I never know my exact thoughts until I’ve written it down. Written the shit out of it. The clarity descends as I ride the desperate need for exact representation. Then, and only then can the room full of Doubts be silenced. Blessed serenity.

Thank you for reading the stories of my life. Knowing my voice has a willing audience is one of the truest compliments I could hope to receive.

I’m not presenting it in chronological order, but will endeavour to number the sections so it will eventually fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle.

Of course the subject matter is not suitable for everyone who knows me. My daughters have Facebook accounts, as do my parents and every ex-partner/fuckbuddy I’ve had. With the exception of my children, all will be spoken about candidly. It’s best to maintain anonymity and stick to my alias – Bulletproofaf.

Thank you for hearing my voice xxx

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